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We at Seal Jet Seals manufacture Instant Seals for any Hydraulic & Pneumatic application in various forms of pre-programmed profiles, turned out of pre-fabricated semi finished tubes of Polyurethane (Ecopur & H-Ecopur), NBR, Viton, EPDM, PTFE (glass filled , GLMOS 2 filled and Bronze filled) along with a host of other polymers such as Cast nylon, PEAK etc.

The seals are manufactured within matter of minutes as per the customer's requirement using the innovative machining technology Imported from Austria.

These seals are a boon for the industry and the maintenance personnel as they can now depend on us for their ideal FIT & FORGET seals for which they had to spend their precious time and resources, thus saving the organization and the Nation a lot of valuable outflow of foreign exchange.

We at Seal Jet Seals are completely equipped and committed to meet any requirement of seals from our customers in the shortest possible time.

Seal Jet Seals

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